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All Behaviour Consultancy

We are an an independent provider of specialist behavioural support for children with Autism, developmental delays and behavioural problems.

Equilibrium - Health Matters

Equilibrium Health - Nutrition, Biomedical and Bioenergetic Health Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorders Nutrition & Energy Therapies - The natural approach to achieve your optimum health and vitality ASYRA - non-invasive, pain-free health...

Autism Wales

The National Autism Team is funded by the Welsh Government and hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association, working in partnership with Public Health Wales. The Team provides support and guidance to help improve the lives of autistic people.

Breckenbrough School

Breckenbrough is a residential Special School which specialises in helping boys reach their academic, social and emotional potential. The school provides both day places and weekly boarding over 38 weeks. It is the only Quaker Foundation...

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January 26, 2021
What Triggers Anxiety for an Individual with ASD?
What Triggers Anxiety for an Individual with ASD?

There are people who learn how to cope so well that stress or anxiety has little impact on them. But for others, including individuals with ASD, stress and anxiety can cripple them to varying degrees.

By Kim Davis, M.S.
June 26, 2015
The Power of Cats with Autistic Children
The Power of Cats with Autistic Children

There have been millions upon millions of dollars spent researching remedies or coping tools. One of the things that they found came as no surprise: A cat.

January 15, 2021
Autism Awareness
Autism Awareness

As a social care worker, you might need to support someone on the autistic spectrum. So let's dive into this course to find out exactly what autism is.

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