Chewigem, Self Regulation & The Sensory Community

Chewigem, Self Regulation & The Sensory Community
1 in 20 people are affected by Sensory Processing Difficulties. Often feeling alone and unable to complete everyday tasks. Chewigem decided to make a change with their new mission. To create the worlds #1 community for sensory seekers.
Great sensory products help improve lives but the right community is transformational.
Chewigem gets amazing feedback from their worldwide community.
Here’s what Malikai from Tennessee says:
“Accepting and being supported in your need to chew will improve your life. Chewing reduces my anxiety and helps me focus through stressful situations and sensory overload. I love Chewigem’s because there is one for everyone and every situation! However, if everyone accepted chewing and sensory needs, the world would be a better place for people like me. I love Chewigem, as a company, because of how much work they do to empower and support Neurodiverse people!”
Chewigem has changed many lives through their products, community and educational content.
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