I’m an autistic job-seeker, should I continue my job search during Coronavirus?

If you’re looking for a job, its a big thing. It takes time, effort and concentration. Especially if you’re an autistic job-seeker, the effect of this pandemic can have a huge impact and make the whole process scary. We don’t know whats going to happen and the situation changes every day. This poses the question: should you continue your job search? This blog aims to answer this question and support you during your journey!

Yes – Job interviews are being done remotely:

The recent news state that human contact should be kept to a minimum. For this reason, many companies are turning to video call to keep their recruitment processes running.

This can really benefit autistic job-seekers, as you can speak to hiring managers from a comfortable environment, which may reduce some of the anxiety associated with the interview setting. Here are some really good tips on preparing for a virtual interview.

As a jobs board and recruitment agency, we have always focused on flexibility and ensuring everything can be kept virtual, to virtulainterviewkeep our service accessible for everyone. This is why we are still running our job coaching service virtually, to continuously support our job-seekers.

Yes – More remote opportunities:

More and more companies are choosing to work from home. This is emphasising the need to create a strong, remote workforce both now and in the future.

Research suggests that over the next year, the importance of a remote workforce will significantly increase. This should favour the autistic community, as more opportunities should offer flexible, home working opportunities, making employment more accessible for neuro-diverse employees.

However there will be delays to the recruitment process, as we move from office working to home working, so try and be patient with your search. If you need any extra support, contact us.

Yes – Not every industry will suffer:

Despite the economy being unstable right now, there are industries that will be able to get through this hard time. These include, nonprofits, governmental organisations, cleaners, medical practices and delivery services to name a few.

Some industries and companies may be requiring extra employees and its important to keep an eye out for emerging trends, as they could be great opportunities.

No – The uncertainty:

It is clear the Coronavirus is causing significant levels of uncertainty for employers. Some employers are putting off hiring completely, which will in effect slow down hiring.

On the other hand, this can mean employers may have previously posted a job, but are taking their time to sort out their recruitment processes before making big decisions.

If you’re an autistic job-seeker this could make you feel anxious and unsure about where you’re at. It is so important to put your health a priority and keep yourself safe.

Things you can do instead:

Work on your skills:

Now is a fantastic time to learn new skills. There are lots of free courses, youtube videos and webinars out there to help you learn. Examples of websites to use include: Open UniversityCourseraTeachable and Skillshare.

If you want some time away from your computer screen, you could also develop your interests, such as a sport, an art form, website development, coding, music or dance! Remember, interests are a great way to show employers who you are as a person and show them what interests you!

Develop your CV:

Your CV is one of the key tools that helps an employer understand who you are and what experience you have. On average, an employer spends approximately 30 seconds reviewing each CV when someone applies for a role. This is why its so important to have it updated and presentable.

If you need extra support or are not sure where to start, contact Stack and we can help you develop your CV and provide valuable feedback.

Get a Linkedin profile:

If you’ve already got a LinkedIn profile, great! If not, its a really useful tool to have to not only search for jobs, but connect with employers and professionals.

Its very easy to set up, and the search for jobs feature is simple to use. You can even select specific filters, such as distance away from where you live, entry level roles, job types and industry.

Send your CV to Stack Recruitment:

Despite all this happening, we are fully operational. If you are an autistic job-seeker, we will help you start your job search through 1-1 virtual weekly meetings.

However, we understand that some people communicate differently, so we are also able to help through emails, phone calls or WhatsApp!

Get in touch today at [email protected]

Safe say and stay positive!

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